INGA BEAN (Inga edulis)

A highly ornamental tree with huge bean pods up to 15 cm, containing candyfloss-like edible pulp. Leguminous tree. Ripens June-July. Will bear three years from seed. Beautiful white pohutukawa like flowers in January and February. The children will love the candyfloss!! - quite a novelty.

There is a great deal more infomation about this tree in our blog post HERE.

Highly reccomended as a pioneer tree in situations where the new garden is being established. Perhaps it is overgrown with weeds or the soil is poor, these trees will shade out the grass, fertilise the soil grow relatively relatively quickly.



Grown from seeds gifted to us by a subtropical plant enthusiast - Our understanding of the inga gold is that it is a variation of inga edulis, but has shorter, more golden coloured beans, which are ‘snack’ size, rather than the common larger bean size. Unusual and rare in NZ - something a bit different for your orchard or garden! 






INGA BEAN (Inga edulis)

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