Sweet juicy fruit borne directly on the trunk makes this attractive shrub a great feature in any garden. These plants are very slow growing can take 7-8 years to start fruiting so patience and a long term plan is required. The fruit is similar to a red grape, but larger and even more delicious. The trees will eventually reach 3-5m, but take at least 15 years to get there. They are easily grown in areas that have light or no frost, and will tolerate dry conditions and poor soils, though they will do better for some fertiliser and regular water. They do not like to be waterlogged. They can bear several crops a year and are best eaten fresh, though they also make good jam and wine.


BRAZILIAN GRAPE (Jaboticabacauliflora Or Myrciaria Cauliflora)

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Subtropica supplies edible and ornamental subtropical plants to New Zealand. We provide banana,  casana, cherimoyas and unusual fruits that grow easily in our climate. Plants are grown organically without the use of chemical fertilisers or sprays. Plants include Misi Luki, Australian Ladyfinger,casana, cherimoya, casimiroa, white sapote, papaya, pawpaw, Rainbow Valley pawpaw,  lucuma, Chilean guava, tropical guava, babaco, passionfruit, vanilla passionfruit, ligularis, , macadamia, mulberry, tamarillo,, brugmansia, sugar cane, guava, ginger.    We also stock Davidson's plum, fig, Ventura, monstera, myoga,  inga, pepino, turmeric,  cardomom,  cardamom, pomegranate, , tea, kei apple, arrowroot, Chinese quince,  Surinam cherry,  Japanese raisin, lemon grass, Vietnamese mint,  Abyssinian banana, rose apple,  citrus,  lime,aloe vera, pitaya,