BRAZILIAN GRAPE (Jaboticabacauliflora Or Myrciaria Cauliflora)

Sweet juicy fruit borne directly on the trunk makes this attractive shrub a great feature in any garden. These plants are very slow growing can take 7-8 years to start fruiting so patience and a long term plan is required. The fruit is similar to a red grape, but larger and even more delicious. The trees will eventually reach 3-5m, but take at least 15 years to get there.


They are easily grown in areas that have light or no frost, and will tolerate dry conditions and poor soils, though they will do better for some fertiliser and regular water. They do not like to be waterlogged and prefer filtered light and acidic soils.

An NZ Jaboticaba expert - Jake,  tells us that "they love to be fed Coffee Grounds and organic matter every 10 weeks. The magic growth temperature is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. They will handle up to 32 degrees Celsius but after that they start getting a bit sad, dropping leaves plus leaf burn. They dont really grow at all when below 10 degrees Celsius.  The Jaboticaba thrives in dappled forest light. Direct sun always Stunts their Growth".

Thanks Jake!


They can bear several crops a year and are best eaten fresh, though they also make good jam and wine.


BRAZILIAN GRAPE (Jaboticabacauliflora Or Myrciaria Cauliflora)

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