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As soon as your plants arrive at their new home please remove them from the packaging and give them a mist watering. Ensure that they are protected from extreme weather including harsh sun, frosts and wind to allow them to gently acclimatise to their new environment. Do not plant them until clement weather ensures they have time to bed in. Mulch and water well once planted. 

Plant Care

Many of the subtropical plants grow at high altitudes in a warm temperate subtropical climate. They do not need the true hot tropical climate of their countries' lowlands. 


Warm Microclimates can be created in our gardens by planting for shelter or using existing buildings, trellises, courtyards, fences or any sheltered niche facing the sun. Windcloth and plastic can be used to protect trees until established.


Most subtropicals prefer warmth, shelter, stillness, filtered light and free draining soil with plenty of moisture and organic material. the ideal situation would include a drip feed system. If your soil is heavy, plant on mounds, mulch and compost regularly. The mounded materials will provide warmth, nutrients, moisture, drainage and aeration.


By layering we reproduce as closely as possible the leaf litter and deep humus layer of the forest floor where fertility resides in the top few inches of soil. We hope this helps with the preparation and ongoing care of your subtropical plants. You will reap the rewards with the beautiful mouth watering fruits.

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