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Satoimo has a roughly textured, earthy brown skin with fibrous hairs.  The leaves are ornamental Elephant Ear type. The tuber is on the smaller size, about the size of a small fist. Its flesh is firm and creamy white with flecks of purple. The flavor is mild with hints of nuttiness. It is often prepared much like the potato.  Satoimo is high in fiber, containing vitamin C and the vitamin B Group, making it nutritious but low in calories.  The main component - starch is gelatinized when it's heated making it easy to digest. It also contains more potassium than any other potatoes which is effective in lowering blood pressure.


Satoimo typically grows in wet, swampy areas however can also be grown in dry conditions, so long as it has evenly moist soil.  It's a great option for in your swales, soak field etc.  It prefers part shade, with protection from the hot summer sun although it can survive in full sun.


TARO SATOIMO (Colocasia esculenta)

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