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This is a very useful and handsome tree that can grow to about 10m, though I've never seen one that size in NZ. It is quite hardy, but will not tolerate extreme frost. The leaves are round and bronze, and the tree bears long sweet pods that can be eaten raw, or dried and ground to provide carob powder, which is used as a chocolate substitute. Make sure you take the [very hard] seeds out first! it will grow in most soils and can withstand severe drought once established. The pods also make excellent high-calorie stock fodder. Occasionally the trees are hermaphrodite, but usually you will need both male and female for pollination. Seed grown, so best to plant at least 3 to have a good chance of getting both male and female. Expect fruit within six to eight years, but two or three summers irrigation will greatly speed growth, hasten fruiting, and increase the yield.


CAROB (Ceratonia siliqua)

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