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Bananas grow great in Northern parts of NZ, particularly the lady finger varieties.  They thrive in warm, sheltered conditions and require plenty of compost, mulch and water.  They are considered heavy feeders, the more you feed and look after your bananas the more fruit you will get.  Bananas will form a clump in no time and it is important to keep on top of the clump to ensure good fruiting.  Ideally you want to keep your clump to 3-5 main stems.  Any extras can be removed and mulched back around the clump.


Originating from Samoa, Misi Luki is the most commonly grown banana in NZ and for good reason. It performs very well here and produces delicious lady finger bananas which are short, fat and sweet. Grows to 3-4m.



XL Grade plants are potted in PB 18 (10L) and are available for pick up or special delivery only.  Please contact for delivery options.


Bulk Stems:

We can provide bulk banana stems for larger plantings projects, please contact us for pricing and availability.



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