BANANA (Musa (AA) 'Lady Finger')

It is not difficult to grow your own bananas (free from chemicals!) so give it a go. They fruit well when given some shelter from wind, plenty of nutrients (gross feeders) and water. When the bananas are ripe cut out the whole palm and chop it up with the spade and leave around the base of suckers for compost. The plants will send out more shoots so they are continuous. They must be thinned each year to 3 or 4 suckers around each main palm. The number of bananas in our bunches is related to the circumference of the banana palm at the ground. If you look after your plants they will be large and have a strong thick base. They are all Lady Finger varieties and will grow to 3-4m tall.


We have three varieties available. 

MISI LUKI - A Ladyfinger variety which crops really well in New Zealand. The most productive of the varieties we have planted here at the nursery. It is reputed to be a little more cold tolerant. The bananas are short and fat and of very good flavour. The most common commercial variety grown here. 


AUSTRALIAN LADYFINGER - Performs well in the home orchard even in marginal situations. 


HAMOA - Arguably the most flavoursome of the bananas commonly grown in NZ, this variety requires a longer warm season than Misi Luki or Australian Ladyfinger, but those who succeed with it rave about it! It is a ladyfinger variety, so easier to grow and get fruit from than the Cavendish types. Grows very well here in the north.


BANANA (Musa (AA) 'Lady Finger')

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