Aloe Vera is an evergreen  succlent with mid green foliage well known for it's traditional herbal applications. It  can be grown outdoors in a frost free environment and indoors as an attractive and useful houseplant. Outdoors it is a great container plant and can be moved into a drier and frost free area for the winter. 


Producing beautiful clusters of yellow/orange flowers on an upright stem. In ideal conditions it grows to about 1/2 metre high but usually doesn't grow as large in a pot. It prefers subtropical conditions but will grow in cold conditions (not frost) as well as warm, arid conditions. 

Needs well draining soil with occasional slow-release fertilizer. Minimal watering required- let the soil dry out between waterings. Consider planting in a raised bed with gravel added to improve drainage if planted out. 


The gel contained in the leaves can be applied directly to the skin and is said to have soothing properties - ideal for treating sunburn and other skin conditions.