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Yummy Yumberry

I was tidying up in the back corner of the bottom orchard today and came across a tree that I previously hadn't taken much notice of but this time it was hard to ignore. As you can see from the photos it was covered with the most beautiful red fruit. Mel, who knows more about the plants than me says that this is a Chinese Bayberry (Myrica rubra) and also known as Yangmei.

The fruit is delicious and unique with a large seed inside and is marketed in China as Yumberry

A male and a female are required for fruiting. They do well in sub-tropical, coastal regions and do best in sun to partial shade. They have a shallow root system that does best in sandy, loamy, or clay soil with excellent drainage and that is either slightly acidic or neutral.

If anyone would like some berries to propagate let me know. We will be growing some ourselves and hope to have the plants for sale some time in 2020.

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