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Indigenous Organic garden in Mangere

Mel was recently approached by Aaron McLean of Stone Soup Syndicate, a bi-annual, crowdfunded, cooperative food magazine ( - . Aaron was on the hunt for subtropical plants to plant together in a Syntropic fruit and nut row (see amongst the market garden beds at Papatūānuku Kokiri Marae, in Mangere, Auckland (See Produce from the gardens is distributed directly to the community or sold in local farmers markets. The plan is to expand production with species like banana and other subtropicals to compliment the mountains of kumara and other more recognisable vegetables.

Yours truly and Lionel

We drove down with a load of plants and were shown around the gardens by Lionel Hotene. We learned that Papatūānuku Kokiri Marae is a Hua Parakore farm, the world’s first indigenous organic verification system and that they also distribute fish frames that would otherwise be waste, through the Kai Ika project.

It was great to see the all the people working on the gardens and the huge beds of lush vegetables. We were pleased to assist.

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