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Passion for Plants

One of the great things about this business is that we get a chance to meet people who share our passion for subtropicals.

Cary (not me, different spelling) - has a nice home in suburban Whangarei that looks much the same as the others in the area, but when you go through his garage, the whole back yard is taken up by a massive home built green house.

Inside are numerous exotic and unusual plants that provide year round food and flowers.

Had a banana tasting which included Raja Puri, FHIA 22 and FHIA 2 (Mona Lisa). These are not well suited to open air cultivation but were delicious - especially the Raja Puri.

Cary has a unique but effective way of on-growing plants in bags. He just plonks them on the ground, leaves the bag on and allows the tap roots to push through into the earth. Sounds unlikely, but all round his garden are healthy looking trees that have a bit of black plastic round the base.

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