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Unless someone comes to the house to collect their plants, all our orders are couriered using Fastway Couriers. The country is divided into a number of regions and it costs more to send plants further south and rural delivery also adds a surcharge. Cost is calculated on weight.

How then to maximise your order so as to pay the least amount per plant for delivery?

Order between 4 and 5 plants or increments of 4 or 5.

Four to five plants generally weigh about 10 kg which is a Fastway threshold before extra fees are added or we have to make up another box.

To simplify, it costs as much to send two plants as it does to send four plants.

It costs as much to send eight plants as it does to send six plants.

Obviously, this is guidance only, the plants are in different sized bags so don't all weigh the same but if a customer bears this in mind when ordering it does make a difference.

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