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Great Kereru Count

Spring at last. It's been a long while since my last post with a very busy and unusual winter now behind us. Lots of new growth and plants soon available to our valued customers.

In the meantime...

As many of you will know from previous posts, we have numerous Kereru gracing our orchard, especially during the guava fruit season. We love these birds, the way they squeak through the air and flop into the trees. At this time of year we see them soaring across the bush swooping and diving and generally showing off.

Through winter when food was scarce I often saw one or two in a very nondescript little tree at the back of the property eating it's leaves.

If any of you share our enthusiasm for these birds the Great Kereu Count begins on the 18th of September

and continues through to the 27th.

For more information go to

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