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This website is a bit like my cell phone

It's fancy - and it seems to be working pretty well but there is a lot of extra stuff that I keep discovering!

So now we have a Subtropica Forum.

I think I've got it right and it means means that anyone can register and add information about plants, photos of plants and gardens and fruit, pretty much anything to do with subtropicals.

Like Mark Zuckerberg I have the power to edit or remove posts but I'm hoping everybody is very nice and can share their experiences and the pleasure of a subtropical garden.

Happy gardening!

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2 comentários

Membro desconhecido
11 de dez. de 2019

Thanks Jordan, I'll check Paul Gautschi out.

Yes the idea is that we can build up a bit of a community of like minded subtropical gardening enthusiasts and any number of threads can be started. If I've got it right you can start your own thread once you have logged into the site.

Thanks for your interest


29 de nov. de 2019

Cool! Will more threads be available in the future for things like advice/questions etc? My mum and I recently discovered the most amazing advice when it comes to gardening, by a guy named Paul Gautschi. There's a YouTuber, 'L2survive', who has recorded many tours of Paul's garden, with tons of helpful advice when it comes to growing water and nutrient rich foods, and has a method that, even if there is no water, you can have a flourishing garden - heck, you can even grow gardens in DESERTS! Everyone should see his "Back to Eden" garden in my opinion.

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