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Cherimoya get the Chop

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

First blog of the year, of the website and of the business so pretty exciting.

Mel and I have been working through the winter tidying up the orchard, germinating seeds, nurturing our more sensitive plants and potting up seedlings. We have just finished harvesting our Cherimoya fruit, and pruning the Cherimoya trees back to older growth to encourage vigorous scion cuttings for next year. One of the great pleasures has been eating the last of the Cherimoya fruit left on the tree. Delicious!

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Nov 06, 2022

I have several cherimoya trees including one Canaria variety which still has about a dozen almost ripe large fruit on it. This is a month later than other cherimoya varieties. Should I be pruning the cherimoya now in early November? Heavy or light pruning?

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