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A pioneer species in the forest, Tithonia is a powerhouse in transitioning tough grasses into the perfect environment for establishing a food forest. Also known as Mexican Sunflower, Tithonia produces beautiful yellow sunflower like flowers in the winter offering much needed winter fodder for bees and other insects.  As a mulch/green manure, Tithonia is nutrient rich providing good amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it the ideal chop 'n' drop crop.  Tithonia works in shading out tough grasses with its vigorus groth pattern, the masses of bio mass can be used to mulch and smother grasses and it also possesses an allelopathic affect to combat tough grasses.  It is a great on kikuyu. It does not set viable seed and is propagated via cuttings. Cuttings are best rooted in a pot, somewhere warm. Once rooted they can be transplated into the field. Planting cuttings directly into the field can also be sucessful if done in the warmer months.


We have available stems and rooted plants


Stems x3 30cm long cuttings

TITHONIA (Tithonia diversifolia)

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