PAWPAW (Carica pubescens)

We have several Pawpaw Varieties

MOUNTAIN (Carica Pubescens) Seedling grown 

The most common of the carica varieties in N.Z. it will begin fruiting in the first year, and is a prolific fruiter. Fruit are yellow, with delicious sweet aromatic pulp. Can be eaten cooked or raw. They all produce fruit and one plant is enough, but the fruit from the females is superior. They prefer shelter, but are otherwise quite tolerant of soil type and some cold.Spectacular tropical looking plant for landscape purposes, one of the hardier pawpaws, withstanding light frosts. 3m high by 1m wide.   


MOUNTAIN RED - cutting grown

From Brazil, this has attractive red stems and small sweet red-fleshed fruit. Self fertile. Easily grown in a frost free position. An attractive addition to the subtropical jungle. Cutting grown. 3m h x 1m w. 



RAINBOW VALLEY - cutting grown

Not just a pawpaw but a pawpaw/babaco cross, with larger fruit than the mountain pawpaw, and tastier fruit than either of its parents. The fruit can be eaten skin and all. It crops prolifically for nine months of the year. Self fertile. 2m h x 1m w.) 


OAK LEAF (carica quercifolia) - cutting grown 


This variety is a taller growing tree and bears a mild flavoured orange fruit. It will drop it's leaves in winter and looks spectacular with the orange fruit on the bare trunk. Mature plants are hardy to mild frost. The fruit is small and high in papain, which makes it a little more like the tropical papaya. 



PAWPAW (Carica pubescens)

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