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VANILLA (Passiflora antioquiensis)

A really special passionfruit, the ripe fruit are long with a yellow skin when ripe and a very sweet, rich aromatic pulp. My favourite. The vines have narrow dark green leaves and a reddish stem. Non-invasive. The flowers are being beautiful large tropical looking scarlet flowers growing to 10-12 cm across and with purple blue centres. Flowers appear Spring and Autumn. The pulp of passionfruit is delicious added to fruit salads or used to flavour yoghurt etc. Can be stored frozen, if you can resist the temptation to eat it at once! Feed well especially with potassium and magnesium spring and autumn. All fruit on new wood, so pruning in either spring or autumn is advisable. 



PASSIONFRUIT VANILLA (Passiflora antioquiensis)

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