This plant makes a great living boundary planted 1 metre apart in a hedge. It forms a dense shrub up to 3 metres high, branching from the ground with 5cm long thorns on thick strong branches and trunk. So the possums stay well away!! Also useful to plant under a window you want to be able to leave open without letting burglars in! It is hardy and will survive drought, wind, poor soils and light frosts. Originally from the Kei River area of South Africa. The male and female flowers appear on separate trees so you will need to plant at least 3 to be likely to have one of each. Fruits in 3 years. The fruit are 2-5 cm in diameter with thin yellow skin and yellow melting juicy aromatic pulp. They also make great jam. You can find a recipe for this on the recipe page.

KEI APPLE (Dovyalis Caffra)

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