GUAVA - Psidium Sp

Beautiful small trees, make excellent hedging or speciment trees. Prolific fruit yeild much liked by birds, also excellent for tasting off the tree or in jams and baking. Some varieties more cold resistant than others


Several Varieties available.



Red - The hardiest of the guavas, with little red fruit ripening in May/June. Excellent for breakfast fruit salad and guava jelly or wine. These fruit are super high in Vitamin C and are companions for citrus which means their place in a subtropical orchard is really on the edge with the citrus. Relatively hardy and wind resistant. 



Giant Red - Similar to the red guava, but with much larger fruit that is reputed to grow to the size of golf balls. Ours haven't made it to that size yet, but are very big and prolific. The trees have larger, more rounded leaves and make very good hedging. 



Yellow - Similar to the red guavas except they are a little bigger and sweeter. They need a frost-free spot to crop well, and like other guavas require plenty of moisture in autumn.



Subtropical (Psidium guajava) - These are the large South African guavas, some are pink and some are yellow, and all are delicious. They can be eaten fresh but are best stewed or preserved. Like many other subtropical fruits, they ripen in winter, so need warmth then to be sweet. Plant in full sun in a warm spot and they will do really well.





GUAVA - Psidium Sp

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