BOYSENBERRY -  MAPUA ( Rubus fruiticosus)

A mostly spineless New Zealand variety with outstandingly flavoured large berries.

Boysenberry plants need a full sun location

Plants prefer an organically-rich, well-draining soil, fertilize boysenberries upon planting, and once a year in the springtime thereafter.

Keep the plants evenly moist but not soaked,  To check the soil moisture, stick your finger down about an inch.

While boysenberries can technically grow without support, it’ll be easier to maintain your plants and harvest fruit if you grow them against a wall or trellis.

Best in a frost free environment but you can  cover the root area with mulch after pruning in autumn/early winter to protect from potential frosts and cold soils. 


BOYSENBERRY - MAPUA ( Rubus fruiticosus)


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