AMERICAN PAWPAW  (Asimina triloba)

This so-called pawpaw is actually not a pawpaw at all. It is related to the cherimoya, and is a great choice if you want that tropical taste but live in an area that is too cold for most subtropical fruits. It is hardy to -25 degrees, but fruits well even here in the north. A medium-sized tree that prefers full sun but will also grow in part shade,it should start fruiting 4-6 years after planting. Fruit are smallish[approx 10cm long], sweet and reminiscent of a cross between a banana and a mango - delicious and plentiful. Like cherimoya, they contain quite a lot of seeds. The trees can reach 5-7m. You will need at least two for pollination. 

These little guys have got massive root systems (hence the big pot) but are pretty spindly on top. If you prefer a bigger plant feel free to wait but they are very slow growing and we can't guarantee supply.



AMERICAN PAWPAW (Asimina triloba)

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