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VICKS PLANT (plectranthus tomentosa) PB 3 30cm 12.00 NZD
The leaves of this plant smell just like Vicks vaporub and can be used for the same purpose. You can steep them in boiling water and inhale the steam to clear nasal passages, or make them into a rub by mixing them with vaseline. The plants are bushy, with fleshy green leaves and grow easily in sun or semi shade. They need well drained soil and not much in the way of fertiliser. They are frost tender, but can be grown in pots indoors in winter. Do not over water.
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VIETNAMESE MINT (persicaria odorata) PB3 30cm 10.00 NZD
This plant is a must for those of you who are into Asian food. It has a pungent flavour like coriander only grows a lot more easily. This plant quickly forms a large clump, but doesn’t send out underground suckers as other mint plants do. It is in the same family as willow weed and should be kept pruned to prevent flowering. A culinary essential all through Asia the leaves are simply chopped and sprinkled raw or cooked into and on every dish! It really makes a difference giving your Asian dish that authentic taste.
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