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You may visit the nursery, but you must email info@subtropica.co.nz first to arrange a time.

We provide Subtropical fruit trees that have proven reliable in New Zealand's temperate/subtropical climate, and a few of the more experimental nature, for the adventurous! We ship these by courier throughout New Zealand. Each year we add new varieties and there is now a good range of fruits that are often difficult to obtain for the homegrower's orchard.

We grow most of our plants ourselves, in organic potting mix, which contains organic slow-release fertiliser. Any treatment for pests or diseases is done with organically acceptable sprays, such as Eco oil, garlic and pyrethrum etc, and any subsequent fertiliser is also organic. A few plants may be bought in, and these have not been organically grown.

All plants are hardened off in the outdoor nursery before shipping, so they are ready for the outdoors when you receive them.

Our main season for sending plants out is from October to March, and this is the right time to plant subtropicals, when the ground is warm and they can get established. If you want your plants delivered outside these times, please let us know, and if we can, we will oblige. But be aware that you will be taking a risk with subtropicals. We also stock other plants that are hardy, and these can be planted at any time. Regardless of when you want to receive your plants, it pays to order early to avoid disappointment. Please also be aware that not all plants are ready in October.

We are always interested in new fruits, so if you have something rare or wonderful, please email us at info@subtropica.co.nz


Happy eating - Claire


  • Payment in full is due on receipt of plants and must be made within seven days.
  • Late payments will be charged interest at 2.5% per month compounding and may incur a collection fee.
  • Prices do not include freight – this will be billed on your invoice.
  • Plants are sent out between October and March, which is the right time to plant subtropicals. We do try to email first, but plants may be sent without notice. If you will be away during delivery time, it is your responsibility to notify us. Deliveries at other times by arrangement.
  • Claims for damaged plants must be made within 7 days of receipt.


Freight is charged by weight and by district. Rural delivery costs an extra $6.00.

North of Auckland – up to 20kg costs $11

Auckland area – up to 15kg costs $14.00

Waiheke Island - up to 15kg costs $20.00

Rest of the North Island – up to 10kg costs $16.00

South Island – up to 10kg costs $26.00

Offshore islands – POA

Plant weights are as follows;

PB 3 = 1.25kg

PB 5 = 2kg

PB 6.5 = 2.5kg

PB 8 = 4kg

PB 10 = 4kg





Please note that plants are delivered within New Zealand only.
Email: orders@subtropica.co.nz
Address: Massey Road,RD2,
Waipu, Northland
New Zealand

Subtropica supplies edible and ornamental subtropical plants to New Zealand. We provide banana, avocado, casana, cherimoyas and unusual fruits that grow easily in our climate. Plants are grown organically without the use of chemical fertilisers or sprays.
Plants include Misi Luki, Australian Ladyfinger, avocado, Hass, Reed,casana, cherimoya, casimiroa, white sapote, papaya, pawpaw, Rainbow Valley pawpaw, persimmon, Fuyu, lucuma, Chilean guava, tropical guava, babaco, passionfruit, vanilla passionfruit, ligularis, amarind, macadamia, mulberry, tamarillo, orange tamarillo, yellow tamarillo, datura, brugmansia, sugar cane, canna, guava, ginger. We also stock Davidson's plum, fig, Ventura, monstera, myoga, banna grass, inga, pepino, turmeric, naranjilla, coffee, cardomom, stevia, cardamom, pomegranate, quadrangularis, tea, taro, kei apple, arrowroot, Chinese quince, Bolivian fuchsia, Surinam cherry, butia capitata, Japanese raisin, kava, lemon grass, Vietnamese mint, anui, Abyssinian banana, papyrus, rose apple, Andean walnut, citrus, grapefruit, orange, Vaniglia, lime, Kaffir lime,aloe vera, pitaya, wine palm.
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