MARULA (Sclerocarya birrea)

An attractive medium sized deciduous tree native to southern Africa which  produces a single, sturdy, erect trunk and a beautiful rounded to spreading crown of dark green leaves. 

The succulent tart fruits are very high in vitamin C with edible delicious nutty tasting seeds which are highly nutritious and rich in protein.

Needs warm conditions. Prefers full sun or semi shade. 10m.

When established it is tolerant to mild frosts and drought although it will be happier with irrigation in prolonged drought.


The trees produce sprays of small pinkish-red flowers in spring. The male and female flowers are separated and can occur on separate trees, or on a single tree, and are pollinated by insects. We recommend at least 3 plants to increase the chance of having both a male and female. 


The Marula fruit are eaten fresh or made into a delicious jelly or jam. in it's native South Africa, the fruit is also made into beer known as "Mukumbi" by the Vhavenda people, and the sour drink is said to have "the kick of a mule!"


MARULA (Sclerocarya birrea)


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