LIPSTICK TREE (Bixa orella)

Small tree or bush, to 2 - 6 metres.  

Lipstick trees are frost sensitive and grow best in direct sunlight.

They will succeed in subtropical climates, but flourish in the tropics, where profusions of fruit ripen on and off throughout the year, so probably more suited to northern New Zealand areas (but worth a try if you can create a suitable micro-climate?).

Lipstick tree's usually bear fruit within 1-2 years from seed or planting. The spiny red fruit contain hard, deep red seeds that are used as a spice, in cosmetics, and as an industrial dye.

The seeds yield a red dye that is used in numerous commercial and industrial processes. Historically, indigenous peoples have used the seeds and plant for body paint, and to treat a variety of maladies. Perfect if you enjoy making your own natural cosmetics or  fabric dye. 

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LIPSTICK TREE (Bixa orella)


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