There is no other fruit quite like this. The monstera forms a very large, lily-like flower, with a huge stamen, which develops into a fruit the shape of a corn cob, but a little larger. The surface of the fruit is covered in hexagonal scales or segments which lift as the fruit ripens. The flavour is sweet and fragrant, something like a mix of pineapple and banana. The plant itself is a vine in its native Guatemala, but will happily grow as a clumping shrub, if given light. Not that it needs a lot - it will fruit in quite shady situations, but hates wind, and fruit will not ripen in cold areas. Often grown as a pot plant indoors (where it will not fruit). The huge, lush dark green leaves make this a wonderful understorey plant in the subtropical jungle.It has a vigorous root system that is reputed to invade drains, so don't plant it near them!


FRUIT SALAD PLANT (Monstera Deliciosa)

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