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ROSE APPLE (Syzygium Jambos) PB3 30cm 15.00 NZD
This is a tall tree in its native Brazil, but seems to only reach medium height here. It has attractive leaves that are red when new, and pretty white flowers. The fruit is crisp like an apple with a hint of rose flavour, smaller than an apple. It makes a delicious jam. A very good canopy plant in the subtropical orchard. The picture is of fruit just forming after the flowers have fallen.
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SOAPBERRY (sapindus saponaria) PB 5 40cm 15.00 NZD
The berries of this attractive small/medium sized tree are used as soap, and contain anti bacterial properties. Crush them in your hands for washing, or put them in a bag when washing your clothes. An environmentally friendly way to keep clean!

The plants will grow in poor soils, near the coast and are tolerant of drought. They are frost tender.They can produce fruit in 3-4 years in the right conditions, but are more likely to take longer in NZ.

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STRAWBERRY - WHITE (fragaria vesca) 5cm pot 5cm 3.00 NZD
White strawberries are an alpine variety. The fruit is smaller than the red, with a sweet, intense pineapple/strawberry flavour. The plants are perennial [no need to keep replacing them], very hardy, and bear pretty much all year round. Plant in full sun or a bit of shade and keep well fed and watered. Pick when fully ripe. Delicious, and they look great when mixed with the red ones.
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SUGARCANE (Saccharum officinarum) PB5 50cm 15.00 NZD
Grows like bamboo, 2 – 3 m high, but not invasive. Can be grown very well in warm wet spots. Canes are cut back every summer and split to eat. Juice makes an excellent drink – easy to juice through a roller-type wringer. There is around a litre of juice in every stem so the potential for production of Sugarcane juice for use as drinks, sweetening for beer, wine, bottled fruit, baking, cooking etc is enormous. The flavour of unprocessed sugarcane juice is yummy! Good biomass, shelter, stock food.
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SURINAM CHERRY (Eugenia uniflora) PB5 70cm 18.00 NZD
A slow growing shrub that grows to about 3m, with glossy dark green leaves and bright red cherry-sized fruit with a slightly sour and pleasantly resinous taste. They should take between three and five years to bear fruit, in ideal conditions. Best in slightly acid soil, full sun, and with plenty of water. Mildly frost tolerant when established.
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TAMARILLO (Cyphomandra Betacea) PB5 45cm
Tamarillo are beloved by adults and children alike, fruiting for long periods of time they are a high source of Vitamin C over the winter months. Eaten raw or cooked in pies, crumbles, sauces or chutneys. The colourful fruit hang beneath the large leaves which form a canopy above - quite appetising.

TAMARILLO - Orange PB5 45cm 15.00 NZD
Not the commercial variety sometimes available in shops, but the original South American wild variety. They have a sweet tangy orange pulp and the trees set large crops of fruit. They also fruit over a longer period than the other varieties.
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TAMARILLO - Red PB5 50cm 15.00 NZD
Large fruit, dark red inside. Best ones for making chutneys, sauces, and wine. Prolific fruiter.
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TEA BUSH (Camellia sinensis) PB3 30cm 12.00 NZD
This is the true tea plant used for green tea or fermented in a plastic bag for black tea. The flowers are scented creamy white, with glossy leaves. Pick young leaves for a herb tea that has been used for centuries for its health giving properties. The shrub is moderately hardy, best grown in rich soil in full or part sun. Keep pruned to about waist height for easy picking.
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TROPICAL APRICOT (Dovyalis hebecarpa) PB5 50cm 15.00 NZD
From the same family as the Kei apple, this dense, fairly thorny shrub produces masses of plum-sized fruit with a thin skin and a few small pips (no stone). The fruit is a bit tart to eat straight off the bush, but is great as jam, or chopped up and fried with a bit of onion and garlic to make an accompaniment for meat. Useful as a tamarind substitute too. It can also be made into a brilliant wine, or soak the fruits in gin or brandy with sugar to make a liqueur. Wind hardy and tolerant of many soils. It can be planted in semi-shade or full sun.
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VICKS PLANT (plectranthus tomentosa) PB 3 30cm 12.00 NZD
The leaves of this plant smell just like Vicks vaporub and can be used for the same purpose. You can steep them in boiling water and inhale the steam to clear nasal passages, or make them into a rub by mixing them with vaseline. The plants are bushy, with fleshy green leaves and grow easily in sun or semi shade. They need well drained soil and not much in the way of fertiliser. They are frost tender, but can be grown in pots indoors in winter. Do not over water.
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VIETNAMESE MINT (persicaria odorata) PB3 30cm 10.00 NZD
This plant is a must for those of you who are into Asian food. It has a pungent flavour like coriander only grows a lot more easily. This plant quickly forms a large clump, but doesn’t send out underground suckers as other mint plants do. It is in the same family as willow weed and should be kept pruned to prevent flowering. A culinary essential all through Asia the leaves are simply chopped and sprinkled raw or cooked into and on every dish! It really makes a difference giving your Asian dish that authentic taste.
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