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KEI APPLE (Dovyalis caffra) 12.00 NZD
This plant makes a great ‘living boundary’ planted 1 metre apart in a hedge. It forms a dense shrub up to 3 metres high, branching from the ground with 5cm long thorns on thick strong branches and trunk. So the possums stay well away!! Also useful to plant under a window you want to be able to leave open without letting burglars in! It is hardy and will survive drought, wind, poor soils and light frosts. Originally from the Kei River area of South Africa. The male and female flowers appear on separate trees so you will need to plant at least 3 to be likely to have one of each. Fruits in 3 years. The fruit are 2-5 cm in diameter with thin yellow skin and yellow melting juicy aromatic pulp. They also make great jam. You can find a recipe for this on the recipe page.
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See entry under 'Citrus'

LUCUMA (Lucuma obovata) PB5 40cm 15.00 NZD
An attractive small tree with dark green leaves reaching a height of 3-4 metres in 10 years. The green skinned fruits grow to the size of an orange. The bright yellow flesh is firm and pleasantly cinnamon flavoured. Most often the pulp is made into a dessert, mashed with cream and honey and lemon juice. It can be dried and milled into a nutritious flour that stores well. The trees are extremely productive.
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MAQUI BERRY (Aristotelia chilensis) PB5 60cm 15.00 NZD
Maqui berry or Chilean wineberry has recently been named as a 'superfood'. It is very high in antioxidants and anthocyanins. The berries have been used as a traditional food in its native Chile for a very long time. The tree is fast growing, to 4m high, and tolerant of frost and some wind. They prefer well drained soils and moderate to full sun. The plants are dioecious [male or female] and have been raised from seed, so you will need to plant at least 3 to have a good chance of getting both male and female.
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NARANJILLA (Solanum Quitoense) PB3 30cm 12.00 NZD
An extremely ornamental solanum, growing about 1.2m high with large purple spiny leaves, white flowers and golf-ball sized orange fruit with lime green centres. The fruit makes an exquisite summer drink when put in the blender (pulp of 1 fruit, 1 cup water, 1 tspn honey – strain out seeds if desired). Plant in a warm, very well drained spot. Visually dramatic in a semi-shaded area because of colour and growth habit.
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ORANGE BELLS (kohleria eriantha) PB 3 25cm 12.00 NZD
This wonderful shrub absolutely glows in the understorey of your subtropical garden. It flowers for months on end and everyone who sees it will comment on it. The photo doesn't do it justice! It does best in semi-shade and should be pruned when it eventually stops flowering. Mildly frost tolerant.
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PASSIONFRUIT (Passiflora) PB3 60cm
The pulp of passionfruit is delicious added to fruit salads or used to flavour yoghurt etc. Can be stored frozen, if you can resist the temptation to eat it at once! Feed well especially with potassium and magnesium spring and autumn. All fruit on new wood, so pruning in either spring or autumn is advisable.

PASSIONFRUIT Ligularis PB3 50cm 12.00 NZD
Large heart shaped soft leaves, new growth has purple tinged, pale green flowers. The fruit are bigger than the purple passionfruit, round with orange/brown skins. The pulp is more liquid than that of the others. The vine has a lush tropical appearance and is vigorous.
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PASSIONFRUIT Vanilla (Passiflora antioquiensis) PB3 60cm 12.00 NZD
A really special passionfruit, the ripe fruit are long with a yellow skin when ripe and a very sweet, rich aromatic pulp. My favourite. The vines have narrow dark green leaves and a reddish stem. Non-invasive. The flowers are being beautiful large tropical looking scarlet flowers growing to 10-12 cm across and with purple blue centres. Flowers appear Spring and Autumn.
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PAWPAW MOUNTAIN (Carica pubescens) PB5 40cm 12.00 NZD
The most common of the carica varieties in N.Z. it will begin fruiting in the first year, and is a prolific fruiter. Fruit are yellow, with delicious sweet aromatic pulp. Can be eaten cooked or raw. They all produce fruit and one plant is enough, but the fruit from the females is superior. They prefer shelter, but are otherwise quite tolerant of soil type and some cold.Spectacular tropical looking plant for landscape purposes, one of the hardier pawpaws, withstanding light frosts. 3m high by 1m wide.
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PAWPAW MOUNTAIN RED (carica pubescens) PB3 30cm 15.00 NZD
From Brazil, this has attractive red stems and small sweet red-fleshed fruit. Self fertile. Easily grown in a frost free position. An attractive addition to the subtropical jungle. Cutting grown. 3m h x 1m w
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PAWPAW RAINBOW VALLEY [large grade] PB 6.5 60cm 20.00 NZD
Same description as the medium grade Rainbow Valley pawpaw, but these are bigger plants. If you want your plant to fruit very quickly, these are the ones for you! Limited stock. Self fertile. 2m h x 1m w.
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PAWPAW RAINBOW VALLEY [med grade] PB3 30cm 16.00 NZD
Not just a pawpaw but a pawpaw/babaco cross, with larger fruit than the mountain pawpaw, and tastier fruit than either of its parents. The fruit can be eaten skin and all. It crops prolifically for nine months of the year. Self fertile. 2m h x 1m w.
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PEPINO (Solanum muricatum) PB3 30cm 12.00 NZD
Pepinos are a fast growing, low-lying, bushy member of the Solanum family. Best with something to lean on or climb up – banana palm, fence, babaco etc (getting the fruit off the ground stops the slaters getting them). A delicious mild flavoured melon type fruit ripening in early spring when there’s not much else and continuing through the summer. A good one for children, because they’re easy to grow and fruit quickly. They also make tasty dried fruit.
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PEPPER - perennial (Hot Perennial) PB3 50cm 10.00 NZD
These are very hot peppers, 9-10 on a scale of 10. In fact they’re so hot their nickname is ‘the gringo killer’! Beautiful yellow or red peppers with black seeds which won’t cross pollinate with your other peppers because they’re a different species (which means you can save the seed of your sweet peppers). They ramble up trees or fences and last for years – they’re fairly hardy and will take light frosts, excellent up the babaco, cherimoya or banana trunks etc in the subtropical orchard.
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PINEAPPLE (Ananas bracteatus) PB5 40cm 30.00 NZD
This fairly hardy bromeliad will grow in many NZ situations, and will produce sweet, juicy pineapples outdoors. A four year old clump can produce 10 or more pineapples. The flowers are spectacular as well. Plant in full sun or filtered light in well drained soil, dig in plenty of fertiliser and protect from frost. Suitable for container or open ground.The plants need to be staked against wind. The photo is of a plant growing in a PB40 in the nursery [outdoors].
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PITAYA - Red (Hylocereus undatus, Dragon Fruit) PB3 30cm 12.00 NZD
Also known as dragon fruit and strawberry pear, this unusual fruit probably originates from Southern Mexico. It grows on a branching cactus with fleshy stems reaching from a few centimetres to 6m long in mature plants, which will put out aerial roots, and which require support. The fruit is the size of an apple, brilliant red in colour, with a texture similar to a melon, and is pleasantly sweet in flavour. Even if it didn’t taste as good as it does, it would be worth growing for the colour it can add to a fruit salad, and for the unusual way it grows. The flowers are ornate and beautiful, but bloom at night and only last for one night. Best grown under cover. You will need two plants for pollination. Either one of each colour, or you can have two red as I now have red from two different sources.
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PITAYA - Yellow (Hylocereus undatus) PB3 30cm 12.00 NZD
Like the red pitaya,requiring the same conditions, but the fruit is yellow-fleshed, and reportedly more highly prized than the red fruit, though the one I tasted was less tasty. It is milder and creamier in texture. You will need two plants for pollination, and it is best to take one of each colour, to ensure you are getting genetic diversity as they have been propagated from cuttings.
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POMEGRANATE - Seed grown (Punica granatum) PB5 60cm 12.00 NZD
The pomegranate is an orange-sized fruit with a thickish skin that opens to reveal chambers of brilliant red seeds surrounded by a sac of delicious juicy pulp. Originally from China, they have long been prized in the Mediterranean. Not only do they taste and look great, but the shrub with its small orange flowers and bushy habit is very attractive. The shrub will grow to about 3m, and will grow in most soils and tolerate a temperature range from -5C [when dormant] to any heat we have in NZ. Too much cold will affect the fruit quality though, and a long hot summer is required to set fruit at all. Train the bush to a single trunk, and prune in winter. Fruit ripens late autumn.

Grown from seed from an excellent fruiting plant.

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